We seek to further each child’s development through intense competition and by empowering each child with the confidence they need to be successful.

Hard Work, Grit, Teamwork, Accountability, Persistence and Sportsmanship will be at the heart of all we do, while the community of parents, coaches, players and staff will be the reason that each child flourishes, both on the basketball court and in society.

Our vision is to help the youth use Basketball as a vehicle for greater personal success.

Whether it’s only to create physical activity and promote a healthier lifestyle or to obtain a higher education and to make it a professional career, Hoop Phases will meet each family where they are and assist them in obtaining what’s possible.




For the past two years, we’ve worked with each child to provided a platform for them to grow. Whether it’s been in basketball leagues, development camps, or skill training, we’ve worked each child’s to strengthen their unique abilities and instill a growth-oriented mindset in them. 

Youth Basketball Programs for the Chicagoland Suburbs
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